Magister F 2006 HP Multiboiler


Magister F2006 Multi Boiler

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F 2006 HP Multiboiler

The F 2006 HP Multiboiler, the most recent state-of-the-art coffee machine by Magister, boosts the most advanced electronics, always granting top performances in terms of both functionality and programming.

Among its main features, the switching power unit and solenoid valves rated at 24V, innovative in terms of operation.
Thanks to these innovations and to the great potential of our new software, the machine assures the complete control over each single brew through the independent adjustment of the temperature on each group and of the pressure profiling on each selection.

The F 2006 HP Multiboiler also allows for hot water temperature control to suit the users' requirement, and for the customization of a wide number of parameter for the daily operations.

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