Magister ALFA professional (2 gr)

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Magister Alfa

Professional Espressomachine

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Magister ALFA

  • Main switch on the front panel, close to the indicating lamps, with serigraphs. The machine can
    also be switched on and off through the touch pad.
  • 2 steam valves with lever operation and stainless steel steam wands – no Teflon insert.
  • 2 double portafilters and 1 single portafilter with custom made Magister handles.
  • LCD display with black background and white writings. Information shown: time, temperature,
    shot timer, coffee counter, menu programming through the touch pad.
  • 6 key touch pad with white LED's.
  • Hot water setting.
  • Electronic pre-infusion.
  • Automatic on-off cycle.
  • Electronic water level control and heating enabling.
  • Electronic temperature control with temperature probe and solid state relays.
  • Dual scale pressure gauge.
  • LED indicators for minimum water level and heating element operation.
  • Stainless steel body with color details.
  • White LED's under the control panel to light up the working area.
  • Laser-engraved back-lit Magister logo on back panel.
  • White LED strips on both side panels.
  • Chrome feet.

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