Magister MIURA professional

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Magister Miura

Professional Espressomachine

  • 2 groepen 7499
  • 3 groepen 7999

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  • Main boiler for hot water and steam (11 lt., 3500/4500W in the 2 groups version, 17 lt., 4500W in
    the 3 groups version) with transversal heat exchangers and electronic temperature control.
  • Coffee boilers (550 ml, 700W) dedicated for each group, supplied by water preheated by the heat
    exchangers inside the main boiler, for the independent electronic temperature control of the
  • Groups with thermosiphon heating system through independent boilers.
  • Volumetric pump.
  • Dual scale pressure gauge.
  • Portafilters with anti-burn handles.
  • Cool touch steam wands.
  • Tilting cup trays.
  • Solenoid valves rated at 24Vcc for electronic management, detection and signaling of eventual
    malfunctions or errors.
  • Hot water mixer with two programmable doses (timed) that can be deactivated through the
  • 24V, 110W switching power unit.
  • Triac card for the control of the heating elements of the main boiler and of the coffee boilers.
  • Color touch screen displays sized 72x54 mm: a main display for general programming of the
    machine functions, a display dedicated for each group which works as a touch pad for coffee
    brewing and shows information of the corresponding group.

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